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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm back...sort of...

Hi all, and welcome to my newest followers.

I realize I have been MIA since mid July. I have been reading your blogs, and commenting where I can, but my life has been very hectic. My hubby had his graduation on the 12th of July, and it was a wonderful day. We are all so proud of him and his accomplishments this year, especially since our circumstances were less than ideal. Kheri was there with us, there was a few minutes during the ceremony that I could feel her. See, isn't he handsome in his uniform!

So things are starting to come together. Hubby passed his provincial licencing exam and is now a licenced Paramedic in the province! Needless to say I'm SO proud! I know Kheri would be as well. So now we're just waiting on a job offer.

I have been working.... ALOT! I just finished a 13 shift stretch, hence my hiatus from blogging. Hopefully I don't have to do that again anytime soon! I just woke up from a one hour nap on the couch, in the middle of the afternoon. So yeah, I'm tired. We're currently approaching the end of the t/w/w, so I'm a little on edge. I seriously doubt that this month "took", but one can hope. But I'm trying to be realistic, so that I'm not too let down when AF arrives next week.

On a different note, I would like to share a video with you. I heard about Eva Morkvort and her blog 65_RedRoses, which was her journal while she waited for a lung transplant due to damage caused by Cystic Fibrosis. Eva was truly an amazing young woman. I would like to urge you to become an organ donor (if you aren't already one)! Talk to your family and take care of yourself. I noticed in the video that the doctor said during the transplant that the lungs that Eva received were damaged due to smoking and pollution. Get out your Kleenexes, watch this video, then go check out her journal. It appears that her journal has continued, even though she is gone. What a legacy!

It appears that I can't import the video for some reason...so here is the link.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Fading smiles...

So, here we are again. Tomorrow will mark yet another month that has passed and, it seems that June was the quickest month yet. Five months already...where has the time gone?
I am happy that the time is moving quickly. It shows that I am busy, and reminds me that perhaps this is our "new normal"???? On the other hand, it is another month that has passed without her.
This past weekend, my hubby and I went to an event for an hour or two. At this event, people were smiling, drinking, dancing and listening to music. I felt like I was surrounded by people whose lives were still glittering. I know death has touched some of their lives, in one way or another, but not in the same way it has touched mine. Actually, I don't think death has just "touched" my life, but rather punched it in the face, and kicked it in the crotch. I am tempted to respond to peoples' "how are you?"s with the response of "Well, I'm just kick me in the crotch, spit on my neck, fantastic! How are you?"
After I left the event I heard the following lyric in a song. The song was actually "Mockingbird" by Rob Thomas (as I mentioned in my previous post called "Someday"). I am just going to take a small liberty and change one small aspect of the lyric, however, I feel that it fits the feeling I had at this event perfectly.

"Everybody else is smiling,
Man, their smiles don't fade.
I don't even wonder why,
I just don't think that way..."