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Thursday, December 3, 2009

When the weather is not so fair...

I feel the need to write, or is it vent? I am feeling hurt, and disappointed by a few people in my life.

You see, I think I have discovered who my true friends are. I knew well before hand, however, there are some people in my life who have disappointed me. Mostly with their level of selfishness, self-centeredness, and apparent disregard for me, my feelings, and the new family on the way.

I recently discovered, much to my dismay, that I had been "de-friended" by a "friend" on Facebook. This person, I thought was a friend of mine. When this was discovered, I initially thought that maybe it was a "glitch" in the Facebook system. Then, I saw this person last week, and they did not even look at me, but rather continued walking and pretended as though I did not wave at them, or yell "Hi ____". Now, I understand "through the grape-vine" that this person may have other "issues" however, it still sucks. I try to be sympathetic, but it appears that this person does not even want to "know" me, and to my knowledge I didn't even do anything!!! Can you imagine if I had "wronged" this person in some way?!

I have also found myself under attack recently, and I now feel that this relationship is damaged. I don't know how to repair it, and I really don't think the other person wants to. I have had encounters with this person since, and one recently where I felt like I was given the cold shoulder, and this individual was aloof. It makes for awkward situations and me walking away wondering what I did wrong. This one really hurts, because this person was really close to me, and now I wonder if something happened, if the person would even care?

The idea of people turning their backs breaks my heart, but I also realize that sometimes there is no way to save the sinking ship. Sometimes, you just have to learn, and move on.

While working away this afternoon, preparing the baby's room, and organizing the clutter, I heard this song on the satellite radio. I was raised around music, and I find that regardless of where you are in your life, there is always a song that speaks to you. This one spoke to me today. At a time in my life when I am so thankful for the angels around me, you know who you are, that I know I can lean on for support. These are people who would
"..never stop to think 'what's in it for me?' or 'its way too far', they just show on up, with their big 'ol heart... when the water's high, or the weather's not so fair..." (Please excuse the cheesy video, but it was the only decent version I could get on youtube on a empty stomach!)

As noted in my last post, the weather in my life right now is not always fair, I am so thankful there are people who will help me navigate the storms.



  1. (I am the one in the car stuck in the ditch!)

    You know who loves you. The ones that don't make you feel important shouldn't make you feel unimportant.


  2. If Iris is the one in the ditch does that mean I'm losing my shirt? That doesn't sound pleasant for me, lol.

    Sometimes people suck but you don't need a "friend" like that. It is better to have a couple really close friends you can depend on then someone who's just going to be a complete shit.

    And that is my deep thought for the day. :)