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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who will she be?

I had another appointment last week with the specialist. Everything is still the same, except she has grown! (Imagine that!) They estimated that she weighs roughly 3 pounds and is currently enjoying her breech position with her feet in front of her face (oh to be that flexible!). The specialist took some 3D and 4D pictures, as you can see. I came home from my appointment and immediately posted them on my Facebook account. Since then, I have heard ALL about, is who she looks like. The doctors first said that she looks like me, my hubby's family thinks she looks like him, and my family thinks she looks like them.
I am not sure who she looks like, and I often wonder who she will be. What will she do? Where will she go? Will she prefer meat and potatoes like her Dad? Or, enjoy her veggies like me? Or perhaps a little of each on her plate? I hope that she is ambitious, tolerant, happy, tough and sensitive (according to the situation), and most importantly, ___________ (<- insert her name here- to be revealed later!).

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