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Monday, September 6, 2010

7 months already!

Wow, I can't believe that 7 months have passed already. Every month keeps passing quicker and quicker, and I know that time will really fly now that Kheri has found a suitable soul to send as a sibling. So we wait, we hope, and do our best to believe, and of course, we miss her.
I find it rather fitting that today, when I did my ritualistic check of CBC website, that I stumbled upon a story. I can not seem to get onto CBC right now, or else I would share it :P It is about a mother of a teenage girl who was murdered. The title said "Mother still mourns daughter's death" (or something like that.. I can't remember the exact wording). The daughter has been gone about 6 months or so I think. A lot of people don't think it is "news", except for the last few paragraphs. I shake my head at the title, and the fact that it seems to lead readers to believe that it is not OK, and that it is not normal for this mother to still be grieving. WTF do they expect!? She lost a child, and us BLM can relate to her emotions. I couldn't imagine having your child taken from you, and be left to wonder where she went, or what happened to her, and to be left with the thoughts that your child had a horrific death.

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