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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

So, I didn't get a chance to post here last Sunday for International Baby-lost Mother's day, so I am going to do so now.

Mother's Day this year is a different experience for me compared to last year. Last year I wanted the day to just go away. I really didn't celebrate "Mother's Day" as I had just lost Kherrington, and I wasn't pregnant yet with Kaedence. I was in that "space between".

Last night we had some new friends stop by the house to drop off a few things for Kaedence. Their little girl was with them and she was just precious. She was born February 25, 2010...one day before Kherrington's due date. She was walking, screaming, climbing, laughing and playing. She was just so full of life. When I looked at her, I could see what we missed with Kherrington. I watched her play while I was feeding our rainbow. I know that without Kherrington, we wouldn't have Kaedence, and that makes this Mother's day bittersweet... I'm sure they will all be this way.

Much peace to all mother's today. Whether your babies are here in this world, or are in another.

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  1. Hey sweetie! Thinking of you today, and your sweet baby girls - Kherrington and Kaedance. It is such a bittersweet day. Much love to you and yours!