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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Month has passed, and today we pause to remember

A month ago today, our daughter Kherrington was "born still". It is hard to believe that a month has passed already. In some ways it feels like it just happened yesterday, and in others it feels like years have passed. Today, we are having a memorial service for her. We know that we will feel relief when it is over, since it is the final "physical" step of this process. Now, we just need to find a consistent "new normal"...


  1. I've been missing her a lot these past few days..

  2. It is hard for me to believe that a month has passed already. It seems like it was just last week that I heard the news and my heart broke for you. <3

  3. Hi. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.

    How did the month anniversary go for you?

    Thanks for finding me and writing on my blog. I am so sorry, and so thankful, to find you, and to find myself in your and others' blogs. To be able to offer support as I'm able, and to be able to receive others' support. I have no words of wisdom to offer, other than to say I'm here for you, and here with you.

    Lots of love to you!

  4. Thanks everyone <3

    The memorial was beautifuland hard, but in the end I was glad that we did it. The support of friends and family was so overwhelming; I did not expect that many people to come! When I entered the lobby of the church after a brief absence (as people were arriving), I started to cry seeing all the people who had come to say hello, and good bye to Kherrington.

    Big Love: The month anniversary was hard on some levels. I found myself checking the clock remembering the time of her birth, and the time that we "had her" for (when we were holding her). I experienced the same thing three days earlier on the 3rd (her death date). I think the 3rd will always be as hard as the 6th. Thank you for your note, I agree that it sucks to meet under such crappy circumstances, but it is so nice to know that there are others who are going through the same thing...and that I'm not completely crazy!