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Sunday, June 6, 2010

4 months...already.

Wow, I can't believe that Kherrington would have been 4 months old already! I can't believe 4 months has passed already. On some levels it feels like it happened just yesterday, and on another level, it feels like a lifetime ago. So what would she be doing at this phase? Laughing? Crying? Cooing? Smiling? having tummy time? Would I be lucky enough to have her sleep through the better part of the night? ... probably not, but I can always imagine.

"When this road gets crazy,
And tries to break me,
And I've had all I can stand.
I can close my eyes no matter where I am.
And just be...Still."

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  1. This time thing always gets me. Some days (or momenets) I think wow, that was so long ago.

    Late June will mark Acacia's 9 month birth and death anniversary. 9 months?! It seems like forever ago, yet every day I continue to integrate the loss of my daughther into my life now. Today I delighted in going to the pool with my sis-in-law and niece who just turned 2 last month. It was fun to watch my niece, but I imagined where I had planned to be... bringing my 8 month old to the pool too. then I thought how long until I hold my next child if we get pregnant soon?? I can make myself a little crzay with the time thing sometimes.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you too! I hope this next year holds many wonderful things for you! :)