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Monday, August 16, 2010

A quick smoke break

***This is an unofficial break from the regularly scheduled baby loss programming and ramblings to bring you an important message. If you think this applies to you, perhaps you should consider smoking cessation...***

Every time I see you, or a picture of you, you have a cigarette hanging from your mouth or your hand. It really is NOT attractive, or appealing. You smell, you look awful and really, it is a disgusting habit. It is NOT attractive at all. If you are trying to be "sexy", or re-create the Audrey Hepburn look, you are FAILING! You just look dirty, and gross.

When I have to walk through old cigarette butts, just to get to work, it makes me want to vomit. Pick up after yourself! I would get yelled at for dropping a kleenex on the ground, so how is it any different with your cigarette butts?

Every time you walk past me, or near me, after having a "smoke" I almost gag on the smoke that lingers on your clothing and around you. Stay outside for a minute or two after you take your last drag and get that stench off your clothing. You stink of cigarettes without the extra smoke that lingers on your clothing when you come inside. I think the smoke that lingers should be considered second hand smoke as well.

If you MUST smoke, look around you, and think of others. Perhaps you should think of quitting...before this happens to you!


  1. SOOO agree. I don't know how anyone smokes cigarettes any more, it's so disgusting.