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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art, trash or treasure?

I came across this picture on evilmilk.com, and immediately saved it to my pictures. Initially I could not figure out why I was so taken by it, then I realized that it spoke a level of truth to me however, I understand if not everyone agrees.

I consider myself to be a "somewhat cultured" individual, but for some reason I don't really appreciate the arts that require no talent. I love music, but I have no tolerance for "noise". I think musical instruments are meant to be played, not played with. I play the piano, but only for myself, and for this I have been called "selfish". I appreciate all forms of theatre and especially enjoy musicals. I appreciate the written word, but I have no patience for poetry that doesn't seem to make sense. I love paintings, but I guess I don't see over-priced finger paintings as poignant, raw or realistic.

I have tried to "expand" my horizons, and I have introduced myself to the "fringe element", to no avail. You can call me narrow minded, or call me selfish, or even unappreciative, I just know what I like, and who I am, when it comes to art.


  1. Art and music are subjective and personal..you can call a painting "sunset evening at the farm" but not everyone will see it the same way, some people will just see a damn chicken.

    Art Nazis who feel the need to tell you that "you need to share your gift" need to be less pretentious and more productive

  2. MLIP is right, everything is subjective; that's why there's different kinds of art, different kind so of music. I love pretty well all music and I like to say, 'There's no bad music, just different than what I like', so it's not unappreciative or ignorant not to like a certain kind of art, or a certain genre of music if you truly aren't into it, it's just what makes being an individual so great.

    If we were all the same and liked all the same thing, that would be pretty boring.