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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paper Jam???!!

I am still extremely bitter that I lost my fight with the fax machine at work yesterday. If you have not seen office space, I strongly recommend it! I am not an "office" person, and if I must work in that environment, all I ask is that the "tools" required for me to do my job WORK PROPERLY! When they don't work, my blood pressure goes up, and I feel the need to become destructive.

It was just a simple fax, I punched in the numbers, and the pages went through. As the pages went through two of them got stuck together, and the machine would not let them go, and the display screen said "document jam". So I pulled very hard on the pages and the fax machine finally let go, but I was unable to get rid of the "document jam" message. I opened all the panels, everything was fine. I tried to fax again, and it wouldn't let me. I ended up pushing a bunch of buttons and it disappeared.

I was able to send the fax again, and it went through properly this time. Then the fax report printed and when that was done I got a constant beeping noise, followed by the "document jam" message again. I opened all the panels and nothing was wrong, in fact, I could see clearly from one side of the machine to the other. The beeping would not stop, and I was so angry that I turned the power off on the machine and walked away.

An hour later, I listed to my office mates turn the fax machine on and go through the same thing.
All I can say, is that these scenes from office space depict my battle with the machine perfectly!





  1. "wtf is PC letter load? what do you mean??" haha

  2. Office Space is classic. I've actually seen that error on a printer before! Nothing is more frustrating than when a printer/fax machine/copier says there's a jam when you clearly know there isn't! Stupid machines.

  3. You think that's bad? Try it with a full size plan printer that tries to digest your original and 2 pieces of 3'x4' paper. Then try to patiently explain to other users why there won't be anymore copies done today.