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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And tomorrow makes three...

So, here we are. Another month has passed, and tomorrow marks the third month since Kherrington's "birth". I don't know where the time has gone, but here we are. This flower was made for Kheri by her auntie Iris from My Life in Purple.

I am going back to work next Saturday (May 15th), and I have spent the last week or so ordering my new uniforms. I had to go up a size, apparently 3 months isn't quite enough time to drop 35 lbs of baby weight! :s There is a staff meeting all day tomorrow that I am attending, and I am hoping that it will make my first day of work less awkward. It will get my "first encounter" with my colleagues out of the way and let them know that I am walking upright, and okay to return to work. This Saturday I am planning on going to my work place, to see the changes to the office since I left, and check the contents of my locker and filing cabinet.

I just can't believe that my daughter would be three months old tomorrow. I wonder if she would have out grown the size one diapers by now? Would she enjoy the car rides to the doctors offices in Fredericton and Halifax? Would she prefer to nap in her swing? or her crib? Would she love this warm early spring we've been having? What would our two cats think of her? Just a few thoughts and questions for the day that marks the third month since I held her.


  1. I think it will be good to go into work the day you actually have to work so you can see everyone and "break the ice" after being gone for these past few months.