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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, once again, we are changing our minds! My wonderful husband came home from school this past weekend and made a suggestion for a different middle name for our little girl. Well, the more I said it, the more I liked it. So I think, that despite my previous predictions, it is the middle name that may change, not the first name!
Also, I stumbled into JC Penny online (we do not have JC Penny here in Canada), and found this! However, I am waiting until after my baby shower before I make any further purchases. Besides, I will love anything I see right now :P


  1. So, you've decided to stick with Mabel, huh? :) I can't wait for you to reveal her name!

  2. I am so damn mad at you woman! You will tell me....or, no drive to the hospital for you!

  3. Eyegirl - Mabel it is...for now! ;) I can promise you, her real name will be NOTHING like Mabel. I am a little afraid that the name may "stick" though..as a term of endearment of course!
    Purple- Oh, c'mon! You'll find out soon enough! I know you can't say "no ride to the hospital" to a leaking, heavy breathing, best friend ;) Besides..I can't tell you the name if it keeps changing!! :P You never know..we may change our minds again - then what will we have accomplished?? huh??! ;)

  4. There's a JC Penny in Presque Isle Mo!! :)

    P.S. The word verification thing annoys me.. lol

  5. Lovely- YES! WE MUST GO!! (and at least see what they have... would I be so lucky that they would have it in store?? :P ) JC Penny does ship to Canada though! They even factor in the Duty (the taxes I would have to pay Canada Post or UPS no biggie though!)..if they had it in Presque Isle- I could just pay the D&T on the way back ;)

  6. I'm calling her Mabel as I feed her 'Auntie Iro's Famous Sammiches' and send her home with the Pixy Twitches!!!