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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Covet

I am going to attempt to give a virtual tour of our little one's room today.
We FINALLY got the crib yesterday, so my hubby and I had the adventure of setting it up. It really wasn't hard, but it took an extra set of hands at times. I am thrilled with the result. The crib is beautiful, and the rest of the nursery isn't bad either!
We decided that we were not going to go broke trying to "co-ordinate" our nursery, so you will notice that nothing "matches". We don't care, and we are sure the baby won't even know the difference. Besides, if everything matches, how is she supposed to learn her colours? ;)
Not featured in today's post is the bedding, as I am putting that on hold for a week before I order it. There is also a swing that is on "loan" from friends of ours, and a playpen/bassinet that has been moved to our bedroom since it will probably be used the most in there. You should also note, the walls are actually a slate grey colour, not the blue that it seems to show in the pictures. All that is left is some "wall art", and of course, a baby!
Sundays usually kind of suck, since it is on Sundays that my hubby leaves and goes back to school for the week. I have been so fortunate to have him home for the last two weekends in a row, and to have his help with all this. I know that this was important to him to. I miss him through the week, but it is so nice to have him home! So today, Happy Sunday everyone!